Resources for Home Buyers

First-time buyer?

Because you have never experienced the purchase and ownership of real estate, we want to help relieve some of your concerns. The buying process is complex and full of words and terms that may not be familiar. The following are some suggestions that, if followed, will make your buying experience as worry-free as possible.

1. Find a Professional Realtor in which you have confidence and with whom you feel comfortable asking questions. This is very important as it is the foundation for your transaction.

2. Always remember, this is your first house not your last. Getting in the game is more important than making your first home your dream home. With the help of time and appreciation you will be able to move up into the homes you want.

3. A good rule of thumb is to try to buy the least expensive home in the most expensive neighborhood you can afford.

4. Loans are tools to get the property you want. All loans have a purpose and a fit. If you are applying for something other than a conventional loan, make sure you have a plan and that you can handle the worst case until a better plan can be implemented.

5. Always remember Location, Location, Location.

Good luck and trust your Professional Realtor.
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