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Central California Home and Ranch

Advertising in our magazine is an easy and effective way of promoting your listings and services. Central California Home and Ranch offers...

Simple Ad Copy Submission - Submitting copy is simple with our Ad Copy Manager, which allows you to login, select your ad size, add property details, change as needed and submit. Log into Ad Copy Manager (or create a free login).

FreeMail - Submit the seller's name and address with your ad copy and we will mail them a copy of the magazine with a personalized letter.

Local Distribution - Between 16,000 and 20,000 magazines are printed once a month. We can be found in over 300 locations in Fresno and Madera counties, and over 30 hotels from Tulare to Bass Lake. Because this magazine is privately owned, we feature an unrestricted distribution area.

Internet Exposure - Each property advertised in the magazine receives extra exposure online at While these properties are available on our website, advertisers have the ability to make price changes as needed.

High Quality - Each photograph is expertly processed to look its best when printed, and all ads are built to the advertisers approval. Custom designs are available.

Please submit all ads to us by the ad copy due date to reserve your space in the magazine. Ads submitted after this date may be accepted if space allows on a first come, first serve basis. All ads submitted to us are subject to approval.

Ad Copy Due Dates for 2016:

1-19-16 (February)
5-17-16 (June)
9-20-16 (October)
2-16-16 (March)
6-14-16 (July)
10-18-16 (November)
3-15-16 (April)
7-19-16 (August)
11-8-16 (December)
4-19-16 (May)
8-16-16 (September)
12-6-16 (January 2017)

We also offer web-only advertising. Properties can be submitted at any time using our Web Property Manager. Properties will appear online during the next business day, after content review.

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